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Pandora 8.50

The conception of the Pandora 8.50 has been articulated around the idea of drawing a balanced boat. We sailed a lot on similar catamarans to analyze their strong and weak points. We listened the potential users to bring concrete answers to their wishes. We removed the extreme options, nice on papers, but difficult tu use for most of sailers. We used our experience in various design office, especially in Australia where this kind of trailerable multihulls are more common and many choices are obvious. 

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Pandora 13.50

The Pandora 13.50 has been designed to fulfill a segment of market that has been left empty by big manufacturers : light simple and efficient sailing catamaran. Her unique deck layout provides leisure space to enjoy life at sea, but also real protected sailing cockpits with uncluttered view. The modern hull shape allows for ample space in the accommodations areas while gliding at the first breeze. The interior is modern and welcoming and full of clever details. Systems are simple and reliable and we are picking among the last technology to improve user-friendliness and safety. 


Speed : faster, further & safer

​​Pandora Marine choose the catamaran design, an obvious choice in regards of our experience and skills. The Pandora 8.50 is sailing at 10 knots in average conditions while boats of the same length are sailing around 7 knots, moreover in comfort allowing to enjoy the speed. Sailing fast means widen your horizon : 10 knots, 10 hours, it's 100 miles ! Speed on the water is not a value in itself for us, but a synonym of comfort, autonomy and safety, to bring even more pleasure to sail. 


Modern cruising conditions : sailing today 

The ways of sailing evolved a lot. Weather forecasts, onboard electronics modified uses of another time. Pandora Marine is designing simple boats which the use take the weather knowledge into account. The easy management of sea conditions increases the polyvalence : single handed or many people, experienced sailers or amazed but uncompetent passengers, all these situations have been studied and tested by the designers of Pandora Marine. 


Storage and logistics after sailing : savings & efficiency

Boat logistics after the sailing periods has became a massive problem for the owners. However this is generally the most of a boat life. There are no available spaces in marinas and yards taking care of her for you are expensive. Removable and integrated storage container allows easy packing and set up of the boats. Clever solutions imagined by a team of sailors. 


Pandora Marine SAS

Paris - Brittany